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5 Things About Me

  • I was born in Richmond, VA but raised in Newport News, VA

  • I love ice cream! I would rather eat ice cream over a real meal any day.

  • I love movies! If I really like the movie I will watch it over and over again! Until someone says ok that is enough LOL!

  • I enjoy reading when I have time and read a few books at a time. My family and friends ask me how I do it. The answer is's like watching your favorite shows on TV. You remember all the characters and what happened in the previous episodes and seasons.

  • In August of 2019 had weight loss surgery (VSG aka “The Sleeve”). Since then I have lost a total of 103 lbs!!!!

Bonus: I have a just a little OCD running through my bones lol! My friends joke on me all the time about it. I get it from Mama (Thanks Ma!).

With peace and happiness,


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