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This is for them 

30 Somethings


 The age of 30 is a year of a major breakthrough when individuals came into limelight and begin to reign.

Applications are open now until March 17th!

Shoots begin the week of March 27th 


30 is something....

When I was in my 20s I was so excited to turn 30. I thought it was going to be the time of my life!! 

I wasn't wrong it has been a time for sure! So many great things and so many learning lessons! 

A few days before my 30 birthday I asked my close friend who was a photographer if she could photograph me for my birthday. I had recently lost almost 100 lbs and I wanted to capture the joy I felt! 

Now every year I make sure around my birthday I have a photoshoot with her. To be able to look back at each year and reflect.

Now I want to capture women in there in 30s just like me! 

Women ages 30 to 39 I am calling on YOU! All shades & all shapes!

There is a myth that when women turn 30 their fun days are over but in reality the 30s are the years when the lightbulb goes off and we begin to have some clarity. This is the time when we can truly find ourselves. Set serious boundaries that bring us peace and love. My vision is showcase the various emotions of our 30s be it courageousness, confidence, hurt, loneliness, numbness, overwhelm, peace, depression, anxiety, love, and gratefulness.

You will receive 3 high-resoultion images for particpating in the campaign.

You will have the option to purchase additional images and prints if you wish.

It will be your 
responsibility to come to your scheudled session with hair and makeup done upon arrival.

The only wardore requirement will be to wear BOLD color(s) that represent your personality. 

You can wear something sexy, business, or cute brunch attire. 

Apply to a part of the 30 Somethings Campaign 

You will receive an email letting you know you have been selected for the campaign. 

I want to join the webinar,
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